eSun ABS+ 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 1kg- All colors


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Best print temperature: 220~260℃
Base temperature: 90~110℃

  • Good formability
  • Uniform diameter (tolerance ±0.03 mm)
  • Stable melting point printouts with excellent surface gloss
  • A wide range of color choices that compatible with different desktop FDM 3D printers
  • Better scratch, heat and oil resistance
  • Can be polished using acetone
  • Can be easily colored.



Over the years 3D printing has evolved excellently and this technique plays a major role in different industries such as manufacturing, medicine, art, design etc., 3D printing filaments are thermoplastic raw materials used for filament free form fabrication. The kind of filament used impacts the process of 3D printing. A good filament is the one which has a higher consistency of diameter and which is evenly wound on the spool with an accurate tension without getting tangled when unwound.

eSun ABS+ is an upgrade to normal ABS. It is suitable for all 3D printers and can reABSce ABS completely. The material is made entirely from corn grain, suitable for printing of larger objects and stringing problems are from the past with ABS+.

The ABS Platinum 3D printing filament is one of the best ABS 3D printing filaments available. This has got a good formability and a Uniform diameter (tolerance ±0.03mm). It has a stable melting point printouts with excellent surface gloss. A wide range of color choices that are compatible with different desktop FDM 3D printers are observed.

The product specificity is it is with good melt mobility and smooth printing and high toughness, hardness, rigidity, and good scratch resistance. This is more suitable for printing objects with large corner and with good heat resistance and oil resistance. Also, the surface can easy to be colored. Available in white and black currently.

The ABS 3D printing filaments are known for its great mechanical properties, ability to withstand high temperatures, and low cost, ABS filament is a favorite among makers and prototypers who want to create durable parts that hold up over time. It’s also probably the first commonly used filament, having been used in FDM 3D printing for decades, and is now one of the two most used filaments along with PLA. ABS, the shortened name for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is printed with an extruder temperature of around 230C, certainly within the 220-250C range.

You also need to use a heated bed when printing ABS, at around 110C, as ABS has a glass transition temperature of around 105C. Some however choose slightly lower temperatures. Without a heated bed, ABS prints will warp heavily, rendering them unusable. Good quality ABS filament usually starts at around $20 per kilo, though some variants can cost more. For everyday printing, standard $20 ABS spools are fine.

Experience a smoother 3D print experience with this great material. This new ABS+ is tougher than regular ABS and demonstrates much less warping

Advantages of eSUN ABS+ over ABS:

eSUN ABS+ is a composite of standard ABS, with extra additives to give the material extra strengths. While typical ABS can be difficult to work with, many makers h0ave found ABS+, albeit slightly more expensive, to be a more worthwhile investment for printing.

Compared to standard ABS plastic, ABS+ warps far less, with a much greater first layer adhesion. This directly translates to more rigid and defined structures, as the material maintains its shape better throughout the printing process. For bridges and overhangs – which are often the next trickiest aspect after first layer adhesion – ABS+ is substantially more lenient on the specific temperature requirements while offering a better layer adhesion. This further ensures less warping or bending during printing, even on long, thin or complex structures.

Another key benefit that professional and beginner makers have noted about ABS+ is that it offers a very unique, beautiful finish, which is often compared to a smooth nylon appearance. It is less opaque than typical ABS, and when polished can actually become moderately transparent. These fantastic advantages, as well as improved strength and flexibility, are what makes ABS+ filament a good investment for all 3D makers.

Maintenance tips:
  1. Please put the unprinted material in sealed bags, then place it in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture.
  2. Please insert the wire into the fixed hole of the tray when you don’t use it in case of knotting.
  3. ABS will produce a slight irritating smell, please print in a well-ventilated environment.

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Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 20.4 × 21.9 × 7.5 cm

Black, Cold white


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