esun eBOX (Filament Dry Box)


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Product Description :

  1. Product Size:215(L)×104(W)×238.5(H) mm.
  2. Material: Acrylic
  3. Power Output: DC12V~3A
  4. Rated Power: AC100-240V~50/60Hz
  5. Power of Drying Heater: 36W
  6. Max Temperature:80℃
  7. Max Capacity: Φ200×73(H) mm.
  8. Weight:950g


eSun eBOX is a product that can heat, dry, weigh, dust-proof and moisture-proof for 3D printing filament. It can provide a dry storage environment for filament. Avoiding from being exposed to the humid air, In addition, through the weight function, the user can know how much filament left in real-time, which greatly facilitates the printing work.


  1. Equipped with an LED-back-lit LCD screen
  2. It can automatically turn off the lights to save power.
  3. Sealed protection, comprehensive dust-proof, and no impurities
  4. A special drying tank is provided inside, which is convenient for recycling.
  5. Freely set the drying heating time and temperature, and detect the temperature inside the box in real-time.
  6. Freely set the empty disc weight, commission the g/lb double unit weighing, and detect the remaining material weight in real-time.
  7. It comes with anti-slip mats.


  1. Heating and Dried
  2. Moisture proof and Dust proof
  3. Weighing

Package Includes:

1 x eBOX(Filament Not Included)
1 x Adapter
1 x User Manual

Product Parameters

Package Size : 249(L)x138(W)x272.5(H) mm

Product Size : 215(L)x104(W)x238.5(H) mm

Max Capacity : Φ200×73(H) mm

Product Weight : 750g

Rated Power : ACI 00-240V-50/60HZ

Power Output : DC 12V-3A

Power of Drying Heater : 36W

Max Temperature : 80℃

Weighing Power : 0.1W

Weighing Load : 2KG

Weighing Error : ±0.02KC

Filament Diameter : 1.75mm/285mm/3mm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24.9 × 13.8 × 27.25 cm


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