eSun HIPS 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 1kg-Natural


Product Description :

Best print temperature: 220~260℃
Base temperature: 90~110℃



Soluble support materials and soluble in Limonence; With little water absorption, easy to preserve; Good toughness.


Over the years 3D printing has evolved excellently and this technique plays a major role in different industries such as manufacturing, medicine, art, design etc., 3D printing filaments are thermoplastic raw materials used for filament freeform fabrication. The kind of filament used impacts the process of 3D printing. A good filament is the one which has a higher consistency of diameter and which is evenly wound on the spool with an accurate tension without getting tangled when unwound.

The eSun HIPS 3D Printing Filament is a high impact polystyrene filament best known. HIPS filament, or High Impact Polystyrene, is an effective 3D printing material mostly used for supports in ABS 3D printing with a dual extruder 3D printer. However, this undersells HIPS as its stellar 3D printing properties make it a great standalone filament for rapid prototyping and more.

Some important characteristics of HIPS are Soluble support materials and soluble in Limonene with very little water absorption and easy to preserve giving us a really good toughness. Limonene is an affordable and readily available solvent made from lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruit peels.

HIPS dissolves completely in limonene within around 24 hours — but does not affect ABS — making it perfect for removing HIPS supports from ABS parts with a dual extruder 3D printer. HIPS prints at the same temperature as ABS, making it the most appropriate dissolvable filament for ABS. Other dissolvable materials such as PVA filament print at far lower temperatures and will not work with ABS, and for this reason PVA is instead commonly used when 3D printing PLA.

HIPS is a forgiving 3D printer filament, and can work well with Kapton tape, PEI sheets, glue stick and hairspray. If using a build surface that adds height to your build plate, remember to adjust your first layer in your 3D slicer settings before printing. However, as with ABS, HIPS releases toxic fumes when melted and 3D printed. Therefore, it is essential to store your 3D printer in an area with good ventilation where you will not inhale any styrene fumes.

This product is available in white with a best print temperature of 220~260℃ and Base temperature: 90~110℃.

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Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 20.4 × 21.9 × 7.5 cm

Black, Cold white


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