eSun ePeek Pro 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm o.25kg-Natural


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  • Best print temperature: 390~410℃
  • Base temperature: (120)℃
  • Print Speed : 15mm-30mm per/sec

Product Description :

Chemical resistance; heat resistance; flame retardant; high toughness; high impact resistance; abrasion resistance.


Over the years 3D printing has evolved excellently and this technique plays a major role in different industries such as manufacturing, medicine, art, design etc., 3D printing filaments are thermoplastic raw materials used for filament freeform fabrication. The kind of filament used impacts the process of 3D printing. A good filament is the one which has a higher consistency of diameter and which is evenly wound on the spool with an accurate tension without getting tangled when unwound.

Features of Peek Filament:

  • ePEEK is a semi-crystalline polymer with high heat resistance.
  • Can maintain high wear resistance under 250°C, low friction coefficient, can with stand 315°C in a short time.
  • The toughness and alternating stress’s fatigue resistance are the most in plastic materials, comparable to alloy materials.
  • Chemical resistance and flame retardancy are excellent, with the resistance to radiation.
  • High strength, high fracture toughness and excellent stability.
  • Good self-lubrication, stable insulation, hydrolysis resistance.

Best ePEEK filament with print temperature: 390~410℃, Base temperature: (120℃, Print Speed: 15mm-30mm per/sec.

ePEEK Pro is a special plastic material with excellent mechanical and thermal properties; high strength, high toughness, impact resistance; self-lubricating wear resistance, can print mechanical gears; flame retardant; resistant to corrosion by most chemical reagents and solvents; high temperature resistance, heat distortion temperature up to 205℃, can be used for heat-resistant parts.

PEEK is a unique material that boasts a melt temperature (Tm) of 343°C and a Glass-Transition Temperature (Tg) of 143°C.  PEEK is suitable for use in applications that will be exposed to temperatures of up to 300°C short-term and 240°C continuous. PEEK is known for its exceptional properties – especially at elevated temperatures.  PEEK has high mechanical properties in excess of 250°c and offers the capability to replace light metal alloys in automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. PEEK is a semi-crystalline polymer with exceptional chemical resistance to a wide array of reagents, including organic solvents, acids, and bases.  PEEK has excellent resistance to hydrolysis in boiling water and superheated steam.

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Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 20.6 × 21.9 × 4.9 cm



0.25 kg/spool


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