3D Education in school

3d Print Design

“Mould the future technology”

Positions students as creator.
Widens the horizon of creative thinking.
Proposes and brings back the artist in the child.

3D Education in college

“Shape your ideas”

Prepares STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students.
Makes you career-ready in 3D printing industry.
Gives in-depth understanding and practical experience.
Get the knowledge of boolean operations and calibrations of 3D printing.

3D Dress Design


3D Printer Design

“Learn the nook and corner of 3D printing”

Better learning by design.
Learn and experiment with new technology.
Make everything hands-on.
Learn the nuances of the 3D industry.

Expert Training

“Be an expert in 3D printing"

Empowers professionals through professional course.
Enhances your knowledge.
Become an expert in the field of 3D printing.
Be the boss in the booming technology.

Nexgen Product

*Pre-requisite knowledge about 3D printing and design is necessary.