NexGen 3D is proud to launch a very exclusive and unique 3D Innovation Labs Program for the top 10 schools in Chennai. The program is top rated in schools across the United States and Europe and is a World Class 3D Education Program which involves the various aspects such as scanning, designing and printing in collaboration with the international partners.

NexGen 3D has been instrumental is identifying the role of 3D printing in the designing and manufacturing sector. Educating the students for prospective careers in the same is the aim of the program by imparting theoretical knowledge and training them in hands-on practical projects to widen their horizon of creative thinking.

An exclusive school course is designed in such a way that students are moulded for rewarding careers in the currently booming 3D printing industry. The course emphasises on the practical approach the students are exposed to and understanding the technology the industry uses.


Duration: 40 – 45 session yearly covering 3d printing technologies and modelling courses


  • Introductory lecture about 3D printing, its applications and the future of 3D printing in printing and design sectors.
  • Discussing current emerging trends in 3D printing and their applications in the printing and manufacturing industry.
  • Sessions on the terms associated with the 3D printing industry and a detailed video presentation on the equipment used: their functioning, advantages and disadvantages and the different types of 3D printers invented.
  • Brainstorming sessions with the students to find out possible avenues to implement 3D printing efficiently.
  • Assisting the students in creating their CAD file with the help of trainers and designing their creation in a single print.

The school based curriculum majorly focuses on motivating and inspiring young minds to take up extra skills and explore this challenging and exciting avenue.


The candidates who complete the course will get a course completion certificate from NexGen 3D, a credited course certificate from the likes of  “Canada Association”, “SIGA Polytechnic College”, and “Don Bosco” etc.


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