4 ways 3D printing can increase productivity:

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4 ways 3D printing can increase productivity:

The objective of any company is to ensure that a company works as smooth as it possibly can without any hiccups in it’s everyday function so that it can convert more business and in turn return a profit as time passes by. What can an organisation do to get the most out of its business process? Well, businesses can do well to adopt newer technologies that can streamline and facilitate better processes for its business. But what can these technologies necessary do for such businesses?

These are some advantages of 3D printing techniques :

1. Shorter timeframe:

The advantage with a 3D printer is that with this process, a design can be completed at a much faster rate as compared to traditional production techniques. Through the utilisation of the technique it is possible to get more parts developed at a much shorter time frame.

2. Print at 2x speed:

Printing complex designs used to take up a considerable time period to get a desired output. This has changed though, with the advancements made in the field of 3D printing, it is now possible to print at up to twice the speed of the previous generations of the machines. This allows for faster and much more design iterations that is required to get that perfect output.

3. Greater control over supply chain:

In some labor intensive industries it can be hard to keep track of inventory and/or to produce exactly what is needed by the client. In these cases, Utilising 3D-printing to produce these spare parts and other replaceable components that such complex machinery requires, operators can gain greater control over the supply chain and ensure the smooth running of equipment.

4. Cutting down costs:

Any expenditure made by the company can always be traced back to three avenues, namely: Human labor, Materials and Machine costs. By using 3D printing techniques, the overall costs can be decreased to a considerably lower level. Another fact is that a design can be accomplished with 40 minutes of software use rather than 8 hours of human labor, this is a great way to reduce costs in both human labour as well as machine costs. Also considering that the materials required for 3D printing cost less than conventional materials required to produce a component.

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