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Nexgen3d specializes in building 3D printed products, objects, and other materials, easing the process of creation while reducing the cost of preparation. Fascinating, right?

You might be thinking what’s so special in this? There are tons of other industries that do the same and maybe some do better than us. So what is that something that helps us stand out from the rest? Or do we have something of that kind? 

We do!

Nexgen3d isn’t only the one that works with in-house 3D printers to build appealing products from scratch. It also takes this into consideration the need to spread the word and engage youth to carry forward the legacy of 3D printing. 

Meaning that engineers at Nexgen3d are proactive about educating students on 3D printing. In fact, we have separate programs for the engineering students to learn and implement the technology to build products in real-time (part of their final year engineering project). 

Over the years, we have had a tremendous response from the students. They were eager to learn more about the technology and implement them to create revolutionary products. We have housed some of the students giving them the opportunity to create prototypes or turn their ideas to reality. 

While there has been a lot done by several students, two projects that stood out in terms of idea and application is the 3D printed fan and custom-designed earphones, preferably for the deaf people. Taking this discussion forward, we now move ahead to discuss the two projects in detail. 

Revolutionary 3D Printed Products By Final Year Engineering Students 

  • 3D Printed Fan With Inclined Blades 

Fans whether the ones used in homes or the ones that the aviation industry uses as a rotator are all required to be set at a specific angle to maximize the cooling. Keeping this as the crux of the project, a final year engineering student set his foot on printing fans with inclined blades.

3d-metal-imageThe idea was definitely something out of the box and required a lot of effort. Our team helped the student with the concept. A CAD model was designed first and then the raw materials added to the printer. For him, it was part of a project but for us, it was an icebreaker. It took a couple of trials before we had the final product in hand. 

  • 3D Printed Earphones For The Deaf 

Call it a pathbreaker or a changemaker, customized earphones for the deaf, a case study done by a biomedical girl has been one of the biggest innovations in the history of Nexgen3d. When she first shared the idea with us, we were both excited and scared. While the concept looked great in pictures, it’s real-time implementation would be tough. 

6109498782348An in-depth assessment was done to understand what all would it take to build such a product. The student was very creative and at the forefront of the challenges. She was pretty much convinced that the product will see the light of the day and surprisingly, it did. It was a big moment for all of us. An earphone with bone implants that can contribute to hearing was an excellent solution to deal with deafness. 


Apart from the above, there have been other products designed and developed by engineering students. What took us to surprise was the urge and the interest students have in the technology. Experts at Nexgen3d are positive that 3D printing would soon become part of the education sector, opening newer possibilities of learning. 


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