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The era of 2020, on and after is digitally dominated. The impact laid by the deadly virus is a lot more than just causing distress and destruction. If we look at the positive side, such uncertain situations have forced mankind to adopt the digital world and look for innovative ways to fix a problem. 

Picture this, earlier buying groceries meant stepping out of the house, waiting in a queue, and then driving back home. Technology advanced and we saw the rise of online stores. The concept then was you place an order today and get products two days later. But is that the same now? 

Apparently not! Today, you get things delivered faster and better. The corporate culture has changed from visiting offices to working from home. Kids are learning at the convenience of the houses. Students are giving exams with online proctors, and there are many more of the kind. The idea is that innovation is the need of the hour. And this is where we introduce the 3D printing academy.

Hailing from the sector that is still hidden from most of mankind, we at Nexgen3d launched our own 3D academy to train, guide, and assist students curious about the technology. Our team has partnered with some of the best educational institutions across the nation to enhance the skill set of the students and make them experts in the field of 3D printing. 

What makes us different?

Sowing the seeds of the technology in young minds, Nexgen3d aims at revolutionizing the sector. And when we say that, we do not differentiate between the students. Meaning that we take into consideration primary level learners, students, engineering aspirants, and even the enterprise owners who are looking to set foot in the world of 3D printing. 

automobile-engineersWhere the primary level kids are taught the basics of 3D printing in a dedicated learning environment, the engineering grads are exposed to the industrial facet of the technology. Extensive training is imparted to the internship students enabling them to gain the prowess in the technology. 

Irrespective of who is at the learning end, the sole purpose of having such a learning environment is to work towards a better tomorrow. What helps us emerge as the changemaker is that we allow aspirants to practice and implement their theoretical knowledge. We house them in our offices giving them enough freedom to test different ways of implementing the technology. 

As a matter of fact, we have had some exciting innovations from the students in our academy. 

3D Printing For The Entrepreneurs 

Nexgen3d support isn’t limited to the classroom kids or the freshers in the industry. We take a step forward to help entrepreneurs be part of the change. We have consulted multiple organizations helping them set up their in-house 3D printing labs to further train their employees. 

The journey of revolution begins with connecting with our team. We have separate departments that work on specific areas. Our designing team works to train the employees on how to create a flawless model on the paper. Another team is bestowed with the job of imparting knowledge on the raw materials used for printing products.

And the engineering team instructs and guides them on how to print the products, the best practices, and additional things one must consider when implementing the technology to print products. Emphasis is laid on creativity followed by the simplicity of the products designed. 

For us, it is more about instilling knowledge and so we go beyond the extra mile to show our seeds and let others nurture the tech.


Nexgen3d has done a tremendous job partnering with the schools and institutions across Chennai helping them set up dedicated labs and train students to further embed innovation and reimagine the production space. Experts here are passionate about the results and we would continue to serve the sector, helping aspirants create what they dream of. In case you are one among the many innovators planning to step foot in 3D printing, hop along and let us help you. 

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