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3D Printing is a hot topic especially with reports of how incredible the technology entering the consumer marketplace. The prices drop as more companies are trying to building the consumer grade machines. While the technology is not that versatile or user-friendly, it is now revolutionizing the world of Production. The big brands have started to incorporate this technology since there are several clear benefits of choosing 3D printing over the traditional manufacturing. 3D printing is expanding rapidly and it is more accessible to the businesses of all shapes and sizes and it has started to be applied to, in several new ways.

Advantages of 3D Printing in the Business

  • Faster Product Development
  • Creating Customized Products
  • Environment friendly
  • Good Investments
  • Accessibility
  • Freedom of Creative designs
  • Material Quality
  • Risk Reduction

We have to agree that 3D printing has made the process of production a lot easier and faster for the businesses. It is not necessary to develop custom molds for thousands of dollars to create one custom product. This means there is time to design, customize, perfect and test the product before its launch. While the traditional manufacturing process has made it difficult for the product customization, it becomes easy to test the products the inexpensive way. We at NexGen offers 3D Printing Services in Chennai, and we have been working on several dental models, surgical tools, metal dental implants and many other customized products.

With 3D printing the whole process of customizing special collections, products and measurements is simplified. 3D printing is not just inexpensive, but environmental-friendly. As the materials are not wasted on the same scale as in the traditional manufacturing process. For companies looking out for sustainability, this is the best choice, as the technology is approving of making this the greenest choice. Spare parts like the below, can be created for the machinery. The distributed nature of 3D Printing is a huge advantage as many companies look at alternative sources for parts and products, the availability of which are hampered by the Supply chain breakdowns.


One of the most important things about using a 3D printer, is that you don’t need to be a manufacturer. Prototype of the physical models that are tested can get you the funding you can be looking out for. You can start the production after the funding is received, and there would be less of a less than in the traditional methods of production and funding. It is also more accessible than the traditional manufacturing. While companies using 3D printing are growing, 93% of them are said to cut an edge in the respect of their time-to-market, and the short production runs. We are seeing 3D printers being used in all the unique ways from food production to creating new products.


As we enter a new era with COVID continuing to disrupt supply chains and causing shortages of essential equipment and products, 3D printing is stepping to help. In the shortage of medical equipment, masks and other supplies, 3D printing has entered into the medical world. The strengths of 3D Printing, printing virtually anywhere, gives it a capability to address shortages.


This is the 3D manufactured teeth set that has been customized for one of our clients, a dental clinic. As we know, it is important to get the measurements right for the designed teeth or else that could give complications. Every customization is different and the measurements are completely different for each single set. But 3D technology with us, helps us in offering the above product in the lowest price possible to the market.


Now as the world emerges from medical crisis and lockdowns, 3D Printing is entirely in the new light. This has put 3D Printing into a strong position while manufacturing recovers. NexGen 3D Printing solutions shows in the pandemic how to go for a quick turnaround and be flexible in the COVID business environment. Our 3D printing solutions have shown itself to be more than a prototyping technology. The demonstrations of the end-user manufacturing with 3D Printing have changed a lot of intentions about the nature of the technology. 3D technology at NexGen has emerged into areas such as medical, dental, Jewelry, and cosmetics showing a great match between the technical capabilities and the business needs.

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