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    January 27, 2020 at 1:04 pm #984
    • Lower costs – Those moulds and casts just mentioned for conventional manufacturing don’t come cheap, so small to medium production runs can be more affordable with 3D printing.
    • In-House manufacturing – Many companies are choosing to manufacture their own parts rather than outsource their production; this reduces their logistics costs and times, allows them to easily iterate designs, and improves their quality control. Another benefit of printing goods in-house is IP protection; it’s much more difficult to steal designs if they haven’t been shared with multiple manufacturers.
    • Renewable and efficient – The additive nature of 3D printing makes it intrinsically less wasteful than subtractive manufacturing technologies like machining. This is appealing to large manufacturers that are feeling increasing pressures from their customers (and governments) to improve the efficiency of their manufacturing. Many large-format 3D printers can also use shredded plastics as feedstock, offering producers a direct form of recycling.
    • Generative design – Automated generative design tools are growing in popularity and the organic geometries they generate can often only be produced using 3D printing.
    • Performance – Material development is an ongoing effort within the 3D printing space and the selection and performance of materials have dramatically improved. Some materials, including certain metals, actually have superior mechanical properties than those same materials if they were forged or injection moulded. Several 3D printing technologies (SLA/DLP, SLM, EBM, MJF) create isotropic parts, meaning they’re equally strong in every axis.
    • Mass customization – 3D printing enables mass-produced parts to be customized and personalized without slowing down production or incurring more costs.
    June 11, 2020 at 6:50 am #3243

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