3D printing in Chennai is still off the beaten track?

The existence of 3D prints is even traced from the 18th century when they used to add
layers on a layer to form a 3D print by non-computerized way. Elegantly described
structures were made through the same. More to your shock materials then used
includes gold, silver, titanium, wood, and ceramics.

3D printing is achieving a growth rate all these years. From 2017 to 2019 the demand
has been increased by more than 10%. The question here is where is it used?

Prototyping, Production & Proof of Concept model are the three most popular 3D prints
of last year. Taking up a good market share and growing rapidly by covering up small
buyer requirements. It has achieved true success in giving a tough competition to the
old manufacturing process leaving its impact in every nook and corner of the world.
Today 3D printing is not limited to just metals and stiff structures, it has also entered
the textile industry and many more. Advance 3D print has stepped up also due to new
design easy to use printers as well as the input it takes called filaments. Odorless,
colorful and flexible filaments are making is as people’s favorite choice.

Emerging economies such as India is offering several untapped opportunities in the
world of 3D printing. The city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu is being the largest industrial
and commercial center of South India and opens up the demand to 3D print much more.
Prototyping is largely done by 3D print in order to save cost and production is for the
customized results. Nexgen 3D prints have never failed to satisfy customer irrespective
of the complexity of requirement. It highly considers the need for end use customers
and is specialized in meeting that well.

Among various features of 3D print, the topmost which keep the client elated is speed,
accuracy, and durability of it. Materials like ABS and PLA well describe the reason for
high resistance. Colorful 3D prints hold the capacity to draw anyone’s attention.
Innovation always stays the essence of Nexgen 3D Printing and delivers the best. It is
very important for 3D printers to have the most technologically advanced printers.

3D Printing with various Industries

Earlier 3D printing has been used for prototyping and proof but now the advancement
has taken it into various other industries. Healthcare, education, textile, home decor,
defense, construction, automobile, art, etc. While we talk about 3D printings there are a
lot of topics to get covered but if you are new to this technology the immediate
challenge you face with 3D printing technology is the difference between the processor
and materials available. So make sure you have a brief knowledge about the type of
printers and filaments.

Give your imagination a shape.

Well obviously not everyone thinks of using it at a huge level so we will talk about the
uses at a personal level. There are many printers that can be used for designing from
small to big and from wooden to sandstone texture. Where 3D doodler pen is just the
basic fun start of designing, DIY Printers are there to make your own designs. 3D
printers are available and various sizes according to customer’s requirement. Using
various available astonishing filaments whether it is the transparent one or the
sparkle one, the potential artists can always go and show their creativity through
these options.

Ready-made lovers do not worry 3D is doing great for you too. Whenever you need
customised 3D printing in Chennai, Nexgen a great option to present with various
mind-blowing filaments and textures. 3D printing in Chennai was a question earlier
but now we have a lot of worthy solutions to it.
Breaking through the challenges of Nexgen 3D Printing, Chennai came up with the
advanced 3D technology which is definitely worth trying and cool enough to satisfy

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