Keeping the business model which is to achieve the ever-increasing sales targets, profitability, and efficiency through customized programs and recommendations of the client, NexGen 3D offers the following 3D consultation services:
  • Inspection
  • Reverse engineering
  • System and software training
  • Distributing 3D printers to the manufacturers
  • Customized 3D printing for Home consumption, Small-scale businesses for commercial purposes
  • Providing technological and investment opportunities for investors in the 3D printing industry
  • Development and support for 3D franchises
  • Customising 3D roadmaps for logistics companies
  • Providing solutions adhering to concrete timelines
  • Manufacturing models and prototypes
  • Bringing about customized printing management process according to individual business requirements
  • Giving production quality management services to ensure quality standards
  • Learning the client’s business processes, goals, and their applications and provide solutions according to the requirements
  • Identifying the possible areas which will welcome 3D printing and tapping into them to analyze the purposes for its usage in the present and the dynamic future.
    NexGen 3D enables the customer to gain the knowledge and tools required to customize their 3D objects and print them. The aim to make NexGen 3D a one stop easy solution for the client on a reasonable budget has been a focus at the company.
  • What should one do to get their requirements met?
  • Simple. Upload the requirements and needs and the rest shall be taken care.
      What does NexGen 3D do once you upload?
  • Choose the right 3D printing process which caters to the requirements.
  • Identify the right software such as CAD, Polygon Modelling or even Digital Sculpting.
  • Providing the basic materials ranging from general purpose/ biodegradable/exotic finish to ceramic/ rubber–like/ metals etc.
  • Choosing the cost effective and efficient yet optimal design solutions for 3D printing.
    Please contact further to make your customization needs met.
    The easiest option to print a 3D object is to use a 3D scanner on the available object in order to construct a digital 3D models. NexGen 3D’s state of the art technology like the latest cutting edge 3D scanners makes the process easier with us.
    With the help of the technical expertise available at the company - scanning, collect and print 3D objects. With the proficiency they are known for, they do 3D scan digitally and photo survey it so that you can edit and modify the scanned files to either improve or scale 3D designs.
    The expert engineers at NexGen 3D allows one to transform items into CAD models by using our 3D scanning services anywhere, be it the location of your choice or at the company. The team 3D scans the part with the fringe protection 3D scanners to create the point cloud, .STL or Nurbs surface data. To produce high quality resolution digitalising, they use their range of efficient 3D scanners which is ideal for reverse engineering and dimensional control.
    We request you to contact us for further clarifications and collaborations.
    NexGen 3D provides customization of 3D design files and for the process, all it involves is the 3D computer model.
    To create 3D illustration and customise it, one either needs a concrete model from a CAD package such as Solidworks* or a CT/ laser scan of a physical part. The 3D scanners and software at NexGen 3D allows the designers and engineers to digitalize and create/ design any physical object into the virtual space for replication, reshaping and re-engineering.
    Our design process involves an easy way to capture the 3D object:
  1. Post the brief.
  2. Receive the designs from their designers and engineers.
  3. Choose the best and provide feedback.
  4. Revise the design according to the feedback given.
  5. Wish to start a 3D project, click here.
    NexGen 3D creates highly detailed and accurate 3D models, figures and miniature diorama accessories. Scales models come in all sizes and shapes.
    Aircrafts, boats, human figures? Yes, you name it and we build it.
    We produce high end qualitative and detailed rendering scale modelling using our professional grade 3D printers. Fabrication of highly detailed objects with amazing resolution is also available.
    There is no rule of minimum order at the company. They manufacture even if it’s just one (1) copy. Through this way, you can check the products before placing a bulk order. The customer can also change the scale of the design online manually, thus enabling them to avoid the pressure of uploading multiple versions of the 3D model.
    The result? You are provided with a faster, reliable and qualitative 3D printing services which takes your scale to the next dimension.