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Imagine creating living tissues or human cells in an economical and affordable manner. Or, consider prosthetics being available to the masses in a cost-effective way. Sounds fascinating, right? Well, that’s what 3D printing does in the healthcare industry. 


1601113966239As per the research conducted by the Market research firm named SmarTech Analysis, it is estimated that the 3D printing market in the healthcare industry would be worth $1.25 billion. Further, it is projected that the value would rise to $6.08 billion by 2027. 

Meaning that there lies a huge potential in the medical industry. From orthopedics to the dental department, biological or surgical, the applications of 3D Printing in Healthcare is growing at an incredible pace. 

And Nexgen3d is gearing fast to be one of the forerunners in the industry. We have our footprints across multiple products and a range of medical services. From medical implants to surgical equipment, and dental products, Nexgen3d has hands down experience in all. 

Keeping this as the core of our discussion, we now highlight our major products in the healthcare industry. 

Nexgen3d: Medical Products and Services 


  •  Medical Implants

Orthopedic implants aren’t a new concept or a term. For ages, people have used prosthetics to replace their missing bone or fixing a collapsed joint. However, the one existing to date has been expensive and not available for the masses. 

With the onset of 3D printing and it’s implementation in the healthcare industry, the concept of prosthetics and orthopedic implants has changed. Even though the concept of 3D printed medical implants is a decade old, the technology has only improved since then. Our experts have tremendous experience in designing medical implants and in fact, the 3D printed ones are better in longevity and durability. Also, these implants fit better with effective performance. 

We at, Nexgen3d manufactures an array of medical implants starting with hip replacement equipment, knee, and spinal implants. Further, the technology that we are is 100% biodegradable, proposing the reuse of the materials to eliminate wastage. 

  • Surgical Equipment

Anatomical models to create a replica of human organs are another fascinating product/service provided by us at Nexgen3d. It is no doubt that there exists a huge demand for patient-driven models. Here again, these implants have been in the industry for a long. Because of their huge cost, people couldn’t afford them.

Embracing 3D printing technology to create such organs, the cost of reduction falls drastically whereas the quality of the item improves. We make use of CAD software to generate the 2D image of the object. This is then fed into the printer to build 3D models to be in surgical procedures. 

What makes our product different is its accuracy and precision. Models built using the 3D printer allows the healthcare professionals to introspect before finalizing the end-user part. This again adds to the quality of the product. As so it appears, the products built using 3D printing technology have a lesser rejection rate, opining the widespread adoption of the same. 

  • Dental Products

Lastly, we have years of experience in designing and creating dental products using the 3D printer. From braces to aligners, dentures, and restorations, we manufacture all kinds of products at Nexgen3d. Production of dental fixures using the 3D printers has a minimal cost with less wastage of raw materials. 

We use a digital file to create the 3D counterpart of the same. Even though the process followed is traditional, we make it a point that the final product is custom-fit and as per the requirements of the end-user. We strive to make such products accessible and affordable to the masses.


Interestingly, 3D printing has a huge potential to redefine the healthcare sector. Tapping on to the same, we took to build essential products to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. From face masks to shields, nasal swab, and sanitizers, our team took a step forward by 3D printing COVID-19 essentials and helping the industry cope with the sheer shortage of the products. 

Having said all of that, one thing to note here is that the technology is still growing and there’s more to it. We expect to continue contributing to the industry and growing altogether. 

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