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If you’ve been active on internet in the recent past,we’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t have missed the phenomenon that is 3D printing. The technology is gaining ground in much of the industries that impact our day to day lives. Yet, many of us lack awareness when it comes to effective knowledge about this technology. Also, considering that we live in a social media fuelled world, we thought “what better way to raise awareness” ? and so we’ve compiled a list of 5 3D printers instagram pages that will show you the ropes on 3D printing.

Let’s get started!

#5: BudmenIndustries

If you’re interested in learning about a 3D printer or even if you just want to look at some cool 3D printed stuff, this page has them all. Be sure to check out their latest post where they have built the first government approved cyborg named Neil. Another interesting fact about the page is they’ve got the means to print out food, how cool is that?
You can check out their work here, budmenindustries

#4: MatterHackers

If you love pop culture or cool 3D printed toys, this page is going to be right up your alley. The page has over 34K followers and is one of the most highly followed pages when it comes to 3D printing. Moreover,the page also doles out technical gyan time and again with respect to 3D printers. The page also has a lot of cool designs that you can check out at their page or on their website.You can check out their work here, matterhackers

#3: 3d_printing_101

Although this page boasts of over 15k followers, almost all of the posts in the page are user generated content, thus providing a great platform for 3D designers to showcase their work to a wider audience. Since the content is user generated, the page houses a variety of posts from educational to outright quirky designs. It is also a great way to find out some cool designers such as Adam’s prints or wildrosebuilds. Check them out too. You can check out their work here, 3d_printing_101

#2: Cults3d

Having over 13k followers, this page is underrated in its own right as we think it deserves more love. The page has some pretty neat designs but could do with some time lapse videos to make the viewing experience more interesting. An interesting feature here is that you can download and print designs from their official website. You can check out their work here, cults3d

#1: Thingiverse

This is one of the best pages out there for all you 3D printing aficionados out there. The page again mostly relies on user generated content but the quality of the content is really good, justifying it’s 57k-odd follower count.

An important albeit interesting aspect about the page is that all designs are numbered and can be downloaded through their website. The design currently stands at Thing #2753756. We’re sure that the page is going to be churning out more good stuff in the time to come. You can check out their work here, thingverse

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