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Dating back to the 1980s, 3D printing, and its industrial application has been part of the physical world for a long. However, it is only when the advancements in technology became prominent, did 3D printing gain it’s momentum. Surprisingly, the sale of 3D printers has increased by leaps and bounds, suggesting that more and more industries are actively embracing the technology and Nexgen3d is one of these. 

This article is specifically drafted to shed light on the real-time application of 3D printing in the Aerospace industry and highlighting how Nexgen3d helps the industry with similar products. 

Industrial Players Leveraging 3D Printing Services 

Even though multiple organizations across various sectors are eying upon the adoption of 3D printers, not all lie on the same boat. Of all, it is the Aerospace and the Automobile industry that has been successful in implementing the technology to design parts and metal products. 

  •  A&D industry – Aerospace and Defence Industry. 

To begin with the statistics, A&D represents a 16.8% share of the $10.4 billion additive manufacturing markets and heavily contributes to the ongoing research efforts within the industry. There is an array of 3D printing companies for the automobile industry and Nexgen3d is one among them. We deal in manufacturing real functioning parts and prototypes of components such as air ducts, wall panels, and metal components.

3d-metal-imageHAL’s unmanned aerial vehicle is one of the living applications of 3D printing technology in the aeronautical sector. The prime reason why HAL has been proactive about the technology is the fact that it facilitates mass production of metal objects and at the same time, eliminates the need to be dependent upon the manufacturer. In fact, HAL purchased printers, shifting to in-house production. 

3D printers helped HAL in the production of smaller, and complicated parts in huge volumes without much hassle. All of this lead to a drastic decline in the cost of manufacturing, saving millions of dollars. 

Also, 3D printing parts of aircraft facilitated reduction in the product weight. Meaning that the HAL aircrafts were lightweighted which lead to the decline in the carbon-di-oxide emission, fuel consumption, and payload. All in all, HAL engines now had better power transmission.

  • Automotive or Automobile Industry

With an expected revenue of $5.8 billion by 2025, the application of 3 printing in the Automobile Industry is huge. Starting with 3D printed custom seats, prototypes, tooling, spare and replacement parts, 3D printing is redefining the face of manufacturing in the automotive industry. Companies like us and other are keen about the advancements in the tech and figuring out ways in which 3D printing influences the automotive sector. 

fdm3D printing for automobile industries accounts for product flexibility as one can easily perform experiments with designs and proffer changes or modifications to the product. The customization of the products is an added convenience to this industry as it can produce personalized options for both the interior and exterior parts. 

With the majority of car components requiring complex geometries like internal channels (for conformal cooling), thin walls, and fine meshes, AM enables highly complex parts to be produced in a way that is both lightweight and durable. An excellent example here is of Porsche that uses 3D printers to print pistons (similar to the ones designed by us), increasing the horsepower while reducing the weight by 10%. 

Experts at Nexgen3d employs a cost-effective approach to designing and producing parts with 3D printing. Factually, most of the 3D printing companies perform testing before manufacturing. This helps reduces a lot of errors in the end-use product and also accelerates the product development growth by inducing testing and validation in the starting stages.


True that the real-time applications of the technology are quite fascinating. However, it isn’t something that anyone can do and requires expert support. Nexgen3d is one such company that has all of the resources and the expertise needed to design 3D printed products.  Backed by a rich repository of tools and machines, we excel in building lightweight designs with minimal investment and are your 3D design and development partner.

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