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When it comes to 3D printing and its real-time application, most of us limit our focus to big industries such as manufacturing, retail, IT, healthcare, etc. But is that the only sectors that benefit from the technology? 

We at Nexgen3d are powered by change. Staying at the forefront of innovation, we seek newer opportunities for growth and innovation. It is, in fact, one of our core beliefs that the best way to expand is by experimenting. The urge to do more with the technology lead us to the art and craft industry. 

True that the artisans are full of creativity, we sought to use this to design awe-inspiring products with 3D printers. Our team studied the sector meticulously, outlining ways in which 3D printing can benefit the industry. To our surprise, there already exists a real-time implementation of the technology in the sector. Digging deeper into the same, we realized that the concept of digital handmade has proven the potential to enrich the sector. 


The crux here was to augment technology in a way that improves the end product. A replacement was never an option and neither did we consider it to be one. And there started a new era of digital handicrafts. 

3D Printing in Art & Craft 

The generic definition of 3D printing suggests the deposition of materials layer after layer until we get the final product. The pre-requisites being a digital image of the actual product, and the required raw materials to be used for the production. This process is also called additive manufacturing. 

In contrast, the traditional method of creating objects involves subtracting materials and then joining them as required. Put simply, 3D printing unboxes a whole new level of creativity, giving life to imagination. 

How 3D Printing Revolutionizes The Art & Craft Industry? 

  • Complex Art Forms Built With Ease 

When it comes to art, there’s no boundary to what one can imagine. Handcrafted goods are popular for their intricate designs. While creating them traditionally requires plenty of effort and is prone to errors, 3D printing craft technology simplifies all.  

Irrespective of how complicated the structure is or what shape it is in, 3D printing craft technology simply requires the digital image. The after-work is done by the printer itself and the precision offered is unmapped. Nexgen3d realized the importance of digital fabrication and this made us enter into a partnership with some of the top handcraft clients across the nation. 

  • Restore Products

3D printing isn’t just about printing handicrafts in real-time or on an ad-hoc basis. Considering that the printers use a digital image to do the printing while leaving all the heavy-lifting jobs on to the printers, it leaves significant room for improvement for the designers. The image produced can be edited, modified, or redesigned for the best. In addition to the above, sculptors can also save the designs so that similar ones could be reproduced in near future.

  • Minimize Production Cost 

One of the biggest benefits and even opined by the experts at Nexgen3d is the reduction in operational cost. Handicraft workers often struggle with mass production of goods at the initial phase and later stock them which might not be of use. With 3D printing, workers can effectively limit the production volumes of the items without disrupting the cost. Further, the technology gives you the flexibility to decide the material to be used and the volume in which goods are to be produced.

The Two Handcraft Clients Partnering With Nexgen3d

As mentioned above, Nexgen3d is one of the pioneers in the sector and apparently one of the most successful companies of 3D printing in Chennai. Adhering to the advancements in the technology and the potential it has to redefine the handicrafts sector, we partnered with two of the promising companies in the sector. The first being Shrushti which is one of the best statue makers in Chennai and second, Lavanya groups, the one and only company to provide handicraft parts to Tirupathi devasthanam. 

We are extremely positive about this collaboration and look forward to giving our best, helping them turn their creative concepts to reality.

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