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Much of our future depends on the type of kids we raise. In a society where grades and good scores are glorified, and kids as young as 5 or 6 are pushed into tuitions, we lose sight of what a kid is actually supposed to do Imagine. A major chunk of a child’s life is passed by hearing a teacher say what and how they must think. When faced with real glorified life situations, these kids are left with little or no scope to imagine a solution for themselves. Some might argue that such an approach is a necessity in a society where much of our daily actions are conformed to a particular template. A race with no clear end in sight

Benefits of 3D printing in education

The benefits of 3D printing in education are the following


For the uninitiated, 3D printing or additive manufacturing is a computer controlled process in which a material (commonly plastic) is added layer by layer to form a 3D object. 3D printing has found applications in a wide range of fields ranging from architecture to space industry. 3D printers address and encourage a kid’s desire to express his or her wildest imaginations and give a shape and form to it. So how can school’s foster such a necessary skill in their students?


Adopting new technologies such as 3D printing can boost a child’s imagination and boost innovative skills among them. Instead of the solutions being spoon fed to the students, a problem can be presented to them and be encouraged to come up with a solution, essentially showcasing their problem solving skills.


Creativity is an essential skill that has to be nurtured from a young age. 3D printers encourage creativity by making them envision the product they want and the design process associated with it. For eg. a design of a robot would include multiple individual parts that would have to be designed individually and put together at a later stage. This requires clarity of thought and pre planning in order to execute it successfully. With all these skills being a very necessary part of making a successful individual.


We’ve all been there! There’s always one concept in that one subject we’ve never been able to grasp. With the introduction of 3D printing in school curriculum, teachers can help students learn difficult concepts with ease. Teachers can also make a 3D printed model of such concepts and give the students a more hands-on approach to learn such topics. With so much advantages and aspects that can benefit students in their path to become citizens of the future and also equip themselves with the knowledge and technical know how about the jobs of the future.


3D printers have been one of the major innovations of the past decade, it has also been the mainstay of many a technological breakthrough. With such changes taking place at the highest level, how much would the society change if these innovations were initiated at the grassroot level? That’s exactly what we aim to achieve through our NexGen 3D Innovation Labs program. Till date, NexGen 3D,in association with schools and colleges across Chennai, has set up labs in various educational institutions. The list includes prestigious colleges such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Chennai and Anna University and schools such as PS senior secondary schools, Chennai. NexGen aims to serve 3D printing as an affordable solution to the students, in order to shape them up as responsible citizens for the future.


Our innovation labs are meant to serve as a great way to introduce the latest innovation in technology at the fundamental level. NexGen collaborates with schools and colleges in and around Chennai and teach them the various concepts regarding 3D printing. The basic structure of what is taught is altered according to the age group of the students. For example, a course that is to be taught in schools would deal with us teaching the students the basics about 3D printing whereas the course that a college student would be taught would entail a more advanced course.
We empower students by providing a hands-on experience in 3D printing. After all, that is the best way to learn. Given that much of the information transmitted to brain 90% is visual, it makes sense that learning is so much simplified when it is aided by the process of 3D printing. Complex concepts are no longer hard to grasp.


Colleges lay a great foundation for the individual’s future. NexGen’s innovation labs are designed to train college students at a professional level. Interested students can take up additive manufacturing as a profession. This gives students an exciting career avenue to explore.

If you’d like an Innovation lab to be set up at your institution, give us a call at +91-95000 78398 or visit us at our office at #24/A, W Canal Bank Rd, Opp, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600085

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