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The last few years have been crucial for the tech industry with a major change induced in the way products are developed. Advancements and enhancements in the technological industry ushered the era of 3D printing. Even though the concept is decades old, it is now that technology has risen to prominence. 

We at Nexgen3d are among the top innovators and changemakers of the sector. Having experience for more than 30 years, we have spent most of our time designing, experimenting, and redesigning the model. Adopting a customer-first approach, we aim at revolutionizing the printing industry blending tech within it.

Excelling on the innovation front 

Calling ourselves the pathbreakers, we aren’t just the manufacturers of 3D products or the service providers. Instead, we do a lot more than you anticipate. Starting with our academia that trains and guides young professionals on 3D printing to allowing people to collaborate and build a product with us, Nexgen3d does all to showcase the power of technology while serving the society.

We have a vast repository of raw materials and of various kinds that facilitates the production of a new product. Further, we employ an array of technologies that form the basis of 3D printing. We work in separate teams to ensure that the final product is the best and as per the expectations of the customer. Our expertise span across all industry verticals with a major influence on the healthcare industry.

Building Your First Product With Us

We are always ready to tie up with companies and organizations helping them design and build their product with us. Irrespective of whether you are just starting out on a project or in the middle of an already launched project, our experts will assist you everywhere. We pick from where you left and promise solutions with optimal results. 

The end to end development process of a product can be described in three steps:

  • Conceptualization

The first step towards the development of a new product with Nexgen3d is conceptualization. Here, we perform a deep-rooted analysis of your product, requirements, the budget and the method to be followed. All of these are noted, analyzed, and processed to come up with significant designs appropriate for the product.  Designs are sketched out in a paper so that you can review them and decide on the one that fits your requirements best.

  • Prototyping

The second step to building a new product is prototyping.  Before starting the process, we interact and discuss the raw materials as well as the technology that would be used to build the product. In case you specified the materials and the technology in the initial phase, we adhere to the same. If not, we make it a point to get approval before starting the process. 

Design principles of manufacturing are used to build the preliminary model which would be shared with you to test and provide suggestions. Apparently, prototyping is the longest phase as it has several iterations, modifications, and enhancements. 

  • Finished Product

Once the semi-prototyping is done and the model is approved, we then move ahead to build the final structure.  The end-user product is printed with the utmost precision and accuracy. If required, additional customizations are done so as to make the final product as per the requirements. 

Note: We also provide CAD design models for building 3D printed products.

Why Nexgen3d For Product Development 

nexgen-sticky-logoNexgen3d is not just a company into the 3D printing technology but one that had years of experience in building cost-effective products with maximum accuracy. Our team works tirelessly to quickly iterate prototypes, reduce the time to market, and eliminate wastage. We utilize the best-in-industry technologies to build products and optimize them for maximum performance. 

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