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More than 30 years of experimentation and implementation, 3D printing is now becoming the revolutionary tech, casting an impact on nearly every sector. 

From manufacturing to healthcare, aerospace, and aviation to electronics, 3D printing has found one or more ways to disrupt the supply chain of all. Imagine a doctor printing prosthetics in real-time or say the aerospace sector manufacturing fan blades without having the need to connect to a third-party company. Wouldn’t this be fascinating?

Apparently yes and that’s what 3D printing is about to do. The change brought by the technology is huge and the way it gets implemented would be pathbreaking. 

But what is 3D printing? 

Revolutionizing The Tech Space: 3D Printing 

3D printing as the definition goes is the creation of a three-dimensional product using the method of additive manufacturing. A digital image of the original product is designed using CAD software. Now this image along with the specific material and filaments are injected into the 3D printer. This would then result in the formation of the final product adding layer after layer. 

Nexgen3d has been in the industry for more than 30 years and the expanse of innovation experienced is greater than one can anticipate. The hype around the technology could be attributed to the fact that this tech changes the way businesses operate. Consider the manufacturing sector that used to have a surplus of any product. 

With 3D printing, these companies need not stock their warehouses. They can effectively print products on an ad-hoc basis. Nexgen3d has helped several organizations across multiple verticals revamp their supply chain, integrating 3D printing into their line of production. 

The fact that materials can be easily printed and in the shortest possible time, more and more organizations are eyeing upon the technology. In case you are curious about the move and wondering how can 3D printing benefit the supply chain of industries, here we highlight a few of our contribution to the sector. 


How Nexgen3d Helped Organizations Transform Their Supply Chain? 

Unleashing the era of on-demand manufacturing, experts at Nexgen3d have worked with several industries, enabling the production of materials in a fast and sustainable way. 

  • Healthcare Industry

The ongoing pandemic crisis has left all industries in a state of shock. The inability to move out freely, restricted the buying and selling of products the traditional way. Also, the mass production of medical supplies was a challenge. Coming to the rescue, Nexgen3d took the initiative to 3D print COVID-19 kits and other essential products. 

The 3D printed materials were of excellent quality and also affordable. In addition to the above, Nexgen3d has also contributed to the production of prosthetics, human implants, and other healthcare products to quicken the pace of development while reducing the cost. 

  • face shield for doctorsManufacturing Industry

One of the leading manufacturing companies was on the lookout of a solution that would help them manufacture wind turbines in bulk and also with some customization. Earlier, they used to print 300-400 blade parts but all were of the same dimension. 

Nexgen3d connected with them to provide a better solution. Introducing 3D printing in their line of production, we facilitated batch production of the blades. What took them to surprise was the customization offered when products were 3D printed. For every 20 designs, the dimensions were changed to come up with a different model. Apparently, it is the method of additive manufacturing that can do the above. 

Another intriguing collaboration was of Vaata Smarts with Vega helmet company. The two collaborated so that they could manufacture custom-made helmets. Here again, 3D printing was put to the process as it helped manufacture goods on-demand, eliminating the need to build them in surplus. 3d-metal-image


3D printing is definitely a supply chain disruptor. The on-demand economy has been a common thing but limited to the service sector. With 3D printing, we now uncover the idea of custom-designed production in the product sector as well. Nexgen3d specializes in printing products in real-time enabling organizations to reimagine their supply chain, producing products better and faster. 

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