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Time to pause stereotyping 3D Print

If you still stereotype 3D printing with old stiff designs then probably you have never gone through the coolest changes which have boomed the 3D Print industry. The recurring advancement with technology has made 3D print sit at the top. With the help of stupendous adaptability of various 3D printers, we have come across the top four coolest changes which have taken 3D Printing on heights.

Before we move to the advancements all you need to know is the mostly used filaments for 3D Printing. Following are the two basic and commonly used filaments in recent times.

PLA or polylactic acid is the first and most used as the temperature is lower as well as don’t give an evil smell. PLA is very eco-friendly too. ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is the second most used filament. This is so because the products made of it hold relatively higher capacity and durability.

All that you are waiting for is here now. The coolest changes which have made 3D Print all new lies in the advancement of a process. Following new filaments are way too crazy to put your imagination down. Designers just hold your breath because this is gonna turn you crazy.

Read the 3D print trends here.

Translucent PLA

Here is why we don’t want you to stereotype 3D print anymore. 3D Printing has come up with awesome transparent PLA with a little color effect. The products manufactured by this filament is loved by the customers. The PLA is available in so many plain colors as well as with shimmering colors. PLA is the mostly used filament even for personal designing for imaginary shapes and sizes. This type of PLA gives very smooth yet stunning products that customer cannot say no to.


Coming to the next breathtaking invention of 3D printing is flexibility. 3D Print have reached that far with its awesomeness that it even has captured the textile industry nowadays. The delicate designs are no more a barrier for 3D Printing. With great designs and excellent finishing, the fashion industry is glooming with the help of 3D Print. It has even reached the ramp. Durable tools, textile, designs almost everything 3D is just ruling everywhere. The flexible filaments give access to all these areas.

Wood Filament

How cool it sounds? Yes, wooden filaments are resulting in extremely astonishing shapes and textures and people are loving it. The recycled wood is mixed with the special binding polymer to give the desired shape and the aroma of wood. You will come across various examples of wooden 3D Printing nowadays on the internet. Mostly it is lied for home decors due to the grand looks. Since the wooden filament gives great finishing it is now highly preferred for furniture, show pieces as well as other creatures.

Nylon Filament

This highly durable filament is also known as polyamide. As the name suggests the nylon polymer is the one used in the textile industry. Because of its great flexibility and very lightweight the nylon is preferred by the fashion industries for creating great designs. Nylon filaments are also very strong as well as durable as compared to the above filaments.

Sandstone filament

The 3D Print trends will not let you get disappointed. For every customized need of your here is another material and design for you. Another filament with a great look is sandstone filament. The filament is PLA with a mix of chalk powder to give a tough and extraordinary finishing.

These crazy new trend filaments will take you to the peak of creativity if you love to design it yourself. Even if you don’t, and you need stunning pieces of 3D printing in Chennai just step up to Nexgen 3D and get satisfied. The latest types of filaments and cool designs are the recent changes in the world of 3D printing. So now, no more stereotyping 3D prints because it’s unique, stupendous and stunning. It will never let you down.

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