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Let me feed your brain with something interesting while you are busy in scrolling the social media. India along with few other countries is facing 3D printing revolution. 3D printing has very quickly grabbed an inseparable position in the market. The point still to be noted is that not just a single sector, 3D printing is literally everywhere. 3D printers in India came up with these awesomesauce 3D printing tools which you cannot afford to ignore.

3D Pen

What is 3D Pen?

A pen through which you can just doodle in the air and give a shape to your imagination. COOL, isn’t it?

3D pen just does the same. The pen releases low-temperature filament and is designed very safe & aesthetic to use. 3D Pen works with USB power source just anytime and anywhere. Filaments used in the pen is smooth, non-toxic and eco-friendly. What makes it different is that you can draw it in on a paper or any flat surface.

Since you know about the 3D pen quite clearly, let me tell you about the features to be considered before buying it.

Temperature sensitive plays an important role. Since it a pen which is held closely and often by children too the low temperature should be considered for 3D Pens to keep doodling.

Secondly, compatibility on different surface. We don’t want a 3D Pen which can only work on a particular surface. Therefore compatibility to work on a diverse surface should be another important element to be considered.

Thirdly, cooling time should be quick. Since 3D Pens are mostly loved by children know the cooling time of the product before getting the pen.

Lastly, the warranty is the most important of all. Get a pen which gives at least one year warranty as looking to the competition most of the top manufactures gives a warranty. So why should you not avail it?

DIY Printers

What is DIY Printer?

This 3D printer is the coolest of all. DIY Printer is a 3D printer which allows you to design your own shapes that too in bigger sizes.

If your passion is somewhere in designing this is just the best one for you. Easy controllable, reliable to use and you can make the best use of it by showing demos in education. The average build size of 20 cm x 20 cm x 17 cm gives you the comfort to be used at home or office and you can assemble it by yourself.

Features to be noted for purchase are:

Lightweight is essential. As it is clear that the 3D printer is a Do-It-Yourself technique so lightweight becomes crucial for the customer to think of this fact. 3D Printing companies definitely had this in their mind and developed one such printer. Secondly odorless is the trend. Still having the 3D printer with an awful smell is not a good choice to make. There are a variety of filaments to be used and get rid of that smell. And lastly, less noisy is important to use in home or office without disturbing others.

Duo 3D Printers

This invention is the king of all the other awesomesauce 3D printers. 3D printing trends have just blown away the minds by introducing dual-feeding print head with FDM printing technology. Yes, as the name suggests it can print two different materials simultaneously. Moreover, its price to performance ratio is not higher than other printers in the market.

The uncompromisable features are:

Closed frame for quiet performance and disturbance-less. Steel structure makes it extremely safe to use and create. And the glass print bed adds up to is awesomeness.

3D Printing has introduced unbelievable changes in India. More to your knowledge Nexgen 3D, an India based company has joined hands with CoLiDo Printers and delivers extremely stunning 3D prints of exact customer’s choice. If you are looking out for cool 3D Printing in Chennai just step-up to Nexgen 3D and its sorted.

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